Programme taking shape

As of 4th July we are working on the programme and it’s looking like this:

10am every morning the Early Bird will post here with news on the days events and tweet them to the waiting world

11.15am McStoryteller in Residence Brendan Gisby presents a daily short story by a Scottish writer

12.30 Writers pieces – share a virtual lunch with an ebook author. Each day a different author introduces themselves to our audience. There will be opportunities for interaction on some days.

3pm Writers reviewing writers (known as Auld Lums and New Reeks) This is a Scottish flavoured peer review feature where leading Scottish indie ebook writers review each other’s work. *Edinburgh is known as ‘Auld Reekie’ (Old Smoky) and there’s a saying Lang may yer Lum reek (long may your chimney smoke) We’ve put these two together to come up with the Auld lums (experienced writers) and New Reeks ( newer writers) peer reviewing. You might also think – ‘there’s no smoke without fire.’  It’s a writers festival, so you can expect plays on words!

5pm Festival @5 features introductions to some of the New indie epublishers emerging in the Scottish market as well as other industry ‘professionals’

7pm Beyond fiction. This slot looks at things other than fiction in the ebook world, such as drama, how to, biography and interactivity.

9pm  A nightly poetry slot hosted by Dan Holloway to send you off into the wee small hours with something to think about.

As well as this there will be reviews of the review sites, best of the blog sites and other exciting features/events still in the planning stage.

You don’t have to book. Just bookmark. Everything is free. You don’t even have to leave your home (or place of work) to enjoy our festival. We look forward to seeing you – virtually.


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