Rolling towards the launch

There are 10 days to go before the first Edinburgh ebook festival begins RIGHT HERE. 

We can offer around 40 featured and contributing writers and a total of around 100 specific ‘events’ including reviews, short stories, poems, features on all aspects of epublishing, writers comments and an insight into who is who and what is what… But we are just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG.

The official ‘ROLLING’ launch of this website will happen at 10am on Friday 3rd August. From then till the opening event on 11th August we’ll be adding content to the site and generally getting it shipshape and ready for you to enjoy, highlighting features of what’s to come and how to get the most from this unique festival – the Edinburgh festival you can attend without ever leaving home.

We look forward to seeing you ‘virtually’ in the weeks to come. Bookmark us and tell your friends! Everyone is welcome and everything is FREE all we’ll take is some of your time and we hope to offer you enough of interest to have you coming back every day right up until the close on 27th August.


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