Let the Rolling Launch begin

Today is the first of many days you’ve been waiting for. The programme is finalised and we are ready to start sharing news of THE FIRST EDINBURGH EBOOK FESTIVAL which begins in just over a week at 10am on 11th August 2012.

Because the whole notion of a ‘virtual’ festival focussing on ‘ebooks’ is enough to send many people into vapours, we’re running a rolling launch, giving you a whole week to get your head round the concept.

At heart it’s really simple. You switch on your computer (or smartphone/ipad or chosen means of contacting cyberspace) You will have bookmarked our site OF COURSE http://www.ededbookfest.co.uk and you can start to enjoy the fun. And it’s all free. No pre-booking, no queuing, no ticket touts… it’s the festival you can attend without leaving home and without parting with a penny.

But how does it work?

If you look at the top of this page you’ll see TABS which have the headings under which our features appear each day.  As the festival progresses so DROPDOWN Tabs will appear under each header and they will build up, day by day, feature by feature.  And once up, they stay there. So even if you’re late to an event, you’ll still get in and no one will give you angry looks! Of course we’d like you to stop in when the event is ‘live’ but if your habits mean that you want to catch up on the day’s events at 3am (or indeed if you live in a different time zone to Edinburgh) you can come and enjoy what the festival has to offer any time day or night, dressed for work, dressed to kill, or dressed in your pyjamas. It’s up to you.

This week we will be ‘launching’ a different feature slot each day – Today it’s the FESTIVAL WHO’S WHO.  Go to the MAIN TAB. Click on it and you’ll see ALL the writers involved in the festival who have confirmed to date (there may be a couple of late entries to come!) You will also see a DROPDOWN menu of ‘FEATURED’ writers. These are writers who are playing a significant part in the festival and/or are particularly active in epublishing and so merit a whole Page to themselves. Festival Who’s Who is the base from which you can link to the 40+ writers who are part of the festival. But don’t forget to check the MAIN TAB because not all writers have their own featured page!

The programme will build over the week. If you go to MAIN TABS today you’ll see a basic outline for each day’s events: Short Stories at 11.15, Writers Pieces at 12.30 etc but these will be developed day on day from now till the 11th when we have the grand LAUNCH.

To keep you straight we’ll be posting an EARLY BIRD post (and linked TWEET) every morning at 10am with an update of that days’ events. If you want to be included in this update you need to FOLLOW @i_ebookreview on Twitter.  Our hashtag is #edebookfest.  We will also post on Facebook and you can Like our Facebook Page for more information and interactivity.

Everyone knows that the key to getting the most out of a festival is preparation ,right? So,  today, why don’t you start familiarising yourself with the MAIN TABS and have a look at the FESTIVAL WHO’S WHO in particular as well as moseying your way through the Featured Writers dropdown menu.  That way you’ll feel you’re among friends when the festival starts. If you have thoughts, questions or queries, post them on the Facebook Page and we’ll do our best to answer them.

We hope you’ll enjoy being part of this innovative and unique event and that during the festival you’ll find out more about indie epublishing in all its forms and guises.  Please call back often. Please tell your friends and get ready for something new, exciting and very very different.  After which you’ll be able to tell everyone ‘I was there at the first Edinbugh Ebook Festival’ with pride. It may not be the Olympics, it may not be the International Book Festival – it’s smaller, more intimate but everyone’s invited and everyone gets all the free tickets they can use.

The Edinburgh EBook Festival is hosted by Indieebook Review in association with cheekyweebisum productions (and is in no way associated or affiliated to the Edinburgh International Book Festival or any other festival in Edinburgh or the rest of the world) It’s an independent festival for independent writers and independently minded readers.