The wrong kind of links on the track!

The first glitch has been discovered – many (if not all) of the Amazon buying links for individual titles JUST DON’T WORK!  Or sometimes work, or act randomly or like a recalcitrant teenager. Unpredictable. And you don’t want unpredictability. It’s a huge task to go back and check every ebook link so we’ve got a temporary fix (which may be the permanent reality) which is that every author with an Amazon Author Page has got that link on their features so that you can see all their ebooks in one place. Much easier for you. Saves clicks.  So if you want to spend some money at the festival use the Amazon Author Link to find out more about the ebooks you’re interested in.

But remember, Amazon aren’t the only place to buy from (much though they’d like you to think they are). However, they are a very useful first base – like browsing in a bookshop – so use them and then start your journey to find the cheapest place to get your ebook (especially if you’re not using Kindle as a platform)

Does all that make your head spin? You’re a newbie to the world of epublishing. Hang on by your fingertips, we hope that all the above issues will be discussed and resolved to your personal satisfaction during the festival. Which as you’ll remember is only a week away today!

Now, enough of our troubles. You want to know what’s NEW today. We suggest you have a wee dander around the SHORT STORY tab – there’s plenty of short stories at McStorytellers to whet your appetite for the genre before the festival proper starts.  And if you’re a late night rather than an early morning person, or a poet rather than a short story lover, have a quick look at the POETRY tab as well.  Remember the Main Tab gives you the overview and the DROPDOWN menu’s will build each day as the festival events progress.

And don’t forget to check out the FESTIVAL WHO’S WHO (which should be mostly working now apart from those pesky buying links) and join our Facebook page or start tweeting #edebookfest

(Links are on yesterday’s post – you can scroll down there can’t you? Not too taxing?)  Remember this rolling launch is for us to get things right and you to orient yourself in our virtual world!