Tied up?

Are you getting the idea of the festival or are you tied up in Gordian knots?  Just to see if you’ve been paying attention, and to get you used to the strange notion of the ‘virtual’ festival, here’s today’s challenge.

Writers Reviewing Writers is our MAIN TAB feature being launched today. You can find it by clicking the MAIN TAB Writers Reviewing Writers.  As you do so, you’ll notice a DROPDOWN tab ‘a personal perspective’ and the first challenge is NOT to click on that. NOT YET.  I know it’s tempting but you need to go to the ticket office and see what the event is all about before you start consuming the content. That’s the way to get the most from this festival. Approach in an orderly manner. Do not let the excitement of the hundreds of feature/events and forty odd (?) writers distract you from really getting to the guts of what it’s all about.

So. You got to the MAIN TAB. You discover that this ‘event’ is subtitled AULD LUMS/NEW REEKS. There’s an explanation (because we realise all our festival goers are not Scots). Then and ONLY then should you progress to the PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE (that’s the DROPDOWN TAB)   Which you achieve by scrolling back up the page and you should see both it and the writers reviewing writers tabs highlighted. NOW you can click on the dropdown tab ‘personal perspective’ Where you will get, strangely enough, a personal perspective on the notion of peer review.  All this should suitably whet your appetite for the EVENT PROPER which will start on 11th August at 3pm sharp and run till the end of the festival (with only a break so that you can go along to the World Writers Conference 17th-21s inclusive – even we don’t expect you to be in two places at one time  – you’re being virtual not MAGIC!)

If you manage to achieve this task today, you will have learned a lot more about HOW the virtual festival actually works. And then you won’t miss out on ANY of the great content that we have on offer starting on Saturday.

Remember MAIN TABS FIRST and then the DROPDOWN menu will build as event features are added into their respective time slots during the festival.

And if you get those ‘its embarrassing’ links it’s only because the link isn’t active yet because the event hasn’t virtually happened yet. So don’t worry. All will be revealed in good time.  And if you’ve put your festival preparation in this week, you’ll be a seasoned virtual festival veteran by the time the OFFICIAL LAUNCH virtually occurs at 10am on Saturday 11th. Bring your own bunting and see you there.  And don’t forget to tell your friends.