Open book policy

Here at the inaugural Edinburgh ebook festival we hope to be a virtual ‘open book’ into the world of indie digital publishing.

We’d like to inform and inspire and offer a view into a vast and sometimes strange new creative world. The epublishing world/marketplace is HUGE and can be very confusing, not to say a little scary, to someone dipping into it for the first time.  But at its fundamental it’s all about reading. Just a new way of reading. And possibly access to new kinds of reading.

Today you might like to ‘check out’ the @theFestival feature (MAIN TAB) which gives you a bit more of an insight into the ‘business’ side of the indie publishing world. As ever, we offer a snapshot, tip of the iceberg view of people actively working in indie publishing, most of them  writers with a lot of experience in traditional publishing or creative media who have made a positive decision to include digital publishing as part of their work (or business model). There’s a huge range of possibilities offered up by digital publishing and the ebook ‘revolution’ and increasingly the only limit is the imagination of the creative people involved.

While epublishing can offer an entry into a market which traditionally is well nigh impossible for the majority of writers to navigate, (irrespective of how good they are) it also offers the option for well established writers with many publications under their belt to experiment, to take chances, to bring out of print work back to a new readership or to simply reclaim their own ‘means of production’ so that they produce the work they want in the way they want without mediation.

And then there are others who have even more ‘extreme’ or original aspirations. People embracing all that the digital world has to offer – more interested in creativity than in financial return.  We hope to show you something of all of this in the fortnight ahead.

The digital world is a very, very big place. We are all aware that the level of ‘democratisation’ of publishing has pitfalls.  That there are ‘issues’ of quality and taste and competence. It was ever thus. But our basic message is that: There’s room for all of us. Throughout the festival we hope to lift the lid on some of the salient issues and debunk some of the myths which are growing up as people struggle to come to terms with the ‘digital revolution.’

At the moment as we go through the ‘birth pangs’ of the revolution, many more conservative, traditionalists are very worried about what might happen, with wild claims of the death of the book, the end of publishing etc and the whole environment gets incredibly emotionally charged. The indie writers involved in the festival have taken positive decisions to ‘ride the wave’ rather than stick fingers in damns, and  we hope to open your eyes and open the book on some of the positive things that are happening and whet your appetite to start your own personal journey into a relationship with all that epublishing has to offer. Because at its very best epublishing offers the potential for writers and readers to connect in a more intimate, direct way and that has to be good for both parties.