The countdown continues…

While Olympic fever grips the nation and everyone is glued to their television screen, we are coming to the close of our own marathon – ready, set… only 2 days till the LAUNCH of the festival   Today we suggest, if you haven’t already done so, that you have a look at the Conference MAIN TAB (which will give you links to the ‘REAL’ festival’ World Writers Conference. If you can’t be there they are streaming the ‘live’ debates for two hours each day (and we’ll be there so some of our features won’t run on those 5 days)

You might also have a look at the Writers’ Pieces section MAINTAB. 12 writers have agreed to share their ‘piece’ with you at lunchtime. Remember the Dropdown menu’s will come into play when each event is running and remain there afterwards. So you never have to miss an event. But with so much going on, you may not want to fall behind. It’s going to be a punishing schedule – with 8 events each day. Lucky you’ve got used to all that ‘programming’ from the Olympics eh?

To remind you also that we are LIVE on Facebook  which is the place you can share your interactive links.  Our LOGO – now named KOOL KOBO is getting some attention and sparking off some Kindle envy.  Facebook is the place to ‘get interactive’ or if you prefer you can join in the chat on twitter #edebookfest.

Looking forward to interacting with you and see you at the festival in just a couple of days time.