The last day before…

The first Edinburgh Ebook Festival launches. Virtually. At 10am tomorrow -Saturday 11th August the first day’s programme will be revealed in all its glory RIGHT HERE and tweeted abroad.

However much we try to convince Kool Kobo that it’s a ‘virtual’ festival and therefore no one needs to leave home, much less actually BE in Edinburgh (though if you are, you are equally welcome) He’s sitting in the car ready to go.

Because this is something new and others than Kool Kobo are having the odd conceptual problem,  to make sure YOU are ready to get the most from the festival when it starts we recommend you have a familiarisation session with what’s on offer on the MAIN TABS. These will give you the overview of what each ‘feature’ is.  As the days progress the specific ‘events’ will be added in the dropdown menu to each feature, meaning that you have 7 and usually 8 ‘events’ to choose from each day. But of course you can go to them all because it’s only a click away and ALL FREE!

We suggest that TODAY you have a look at the ABOUT page if you haven’t already done so. It will answer (hopefully) some of those thorny questions: How, What and Why.  Just go to the MAIN TAB ABOUT.  

And if you can’t wait till tomorrow to start the engagement you can catch up on recent reviews from Indieebook Review site. We’ve posted the first Festival linked review ORDINARY DOMESTIC already.

If you want to get ‘interactive’ you can LIKE our Facebook page and join in the twitter at #edebookfest.  It’s the place for YOU to talk about things with other festival goers. But the main point of the festival is for you to virtually attend the ‘events’ and enjoy the huge range of ‘features’ we have from the indie epublishing world.  Festivals will never be the  same again and remember you’ll be able to say YOU WERE THERE at the Inaugural Edinburgh ebook festival.