Welcome to the Festival!

It’s all going to kick off in just over an hour with the first ‘event’ being a Short Story. Chosen by  Brendan Gisby, our McStoryteller in residence, today we bring you Andrew McCallum Crawford’s  The Watchmaker’s Wife.  We recommend you read the SHORT STORY MAIN TAB to contextualise your visit before you click on the dropdown tab which will (we hope) miraculously appear at 11.15.  Enjoy it with the beverage of your choice.

At 12.30pm the next EVENT kicks off. Go to the MAIN TAB for WRITERS PIECES to find out what it’s about. Then at 12.30 click on the emerging DROPDOWN tab which will be JAN NEEDLE who kicks off this event with his particular view and sometimes humorous take on the world of epublishing.

With lunch a distant memory, at 3pm the next event of the day is about Reviews. Again MAIN TAB for WRITERS REVIEWING WRITERS to contextualise your visit (make sure you’re at the right place!) and there is already a dropdown tab for this event giving further information. But at 3pm as if by magic a DROPDOWN will appear where the writer CATHERINE CZERKAWSKA is peer reviewed.

At 5pm most people are thinking of packing work in for the day. We offer you an event @THE FESTIVAL which seeks to look at some of the different ways writers/publishers are engaging in epublishing. Again MAIN TAB will tell you about the event and a drop down at 5pm on the button, will give you an opinion/overview of what we mean in this festival by ‘indie’ publishing.

At 7pm we’re hoping that work is a distant memory so we offer you the BEYOND FICTION event.  This aims to cover some of the ‘issues’ offering focus features and review features and delving into the world of blogs and the like.  Again MAIN TAB to contextualise and then at 7 click on the dropdown which today is FOCUS ON FORMATTING where we look at how you turn your masterpiece into an ebook and some of the tricks and troubles along the way.

At 8pm we have an ‘extras’ section. This is a place for all those things which we just couldn’t fit in anywhere else. And today it’s a humorous look at the relationship between writer and publisher in the much acclaimed creation of Catherine Czerkawska  the fictional HUMONGOUS BOOK GROUP and their advice to a young aspiring writer by the name of Emily Bronte.  Just to show you that we do have a sense of humour at the festival too!

By 9pm we hope you’ve got your feet up. Put away that good book or ebook because our Poet in Residence Dan Holloway has got a daily treat for you. Each day there will be a poem to read (and often there’s a live reading as well). These are personal, intimate and sometimes challenging pieces to give you pause for thought long into the night.

Throughout the day you can put your views on our Facebook Page or by tweeting at hashtag #edebookfest.

So that’s the nuts and bolts of the days programme but what is it all about?  Here (from the ABOUT Tab) is the festival ‘rationale’.

 With the emergence of digital publishing and ebook technology the traditional publishing market is opened up, challenged and new ways of working and writing are emerging. We are in the early days of a new technology and a new cultural experience. At the festival we are interested in engaging in the important debates for writers and developing critical responses to them. Key debates include: What is independence in publishing?  What is an indie writer/publisher? What are ‘rights’ in a publishing context? What are reviews? What is the difference between opinion and critique? We hope to explore all of these throughout the festival and by showcasing people who are actively involved in creating this new ‘indie’ version of publishing, show you the reader (or potential indie writer as publisher) that there is plenty of good writing out there if you know how and where to look and that the possibilities are emerging for a less mediated relationship between reader and writer.

Whether you are a reader, a writer, a publishing writer or just stumbled on here by chance, we hope that you’ll find something to engage with and interest you, something to whet your appetite and encourage you to begin exploring the world of ebooks in general and indie epublishing in particular. I hope you enjoy your many visits to this festival. Please come often. Feel free to hang around all day. And tell your friends.

Cally Phillips (Festival Director)