Festival Day 2 – Welcome back

If you were here on our opening day yesterday, pull up a chair and welcome back. If this is your first visit – WELCOME. Over 17 days we have nearly 100 ‘events’ across a range of ‘features’ to keep you entertained – 7-8 times a day. And remember, this is the festival that comes to you. You can engage via your ereader of choice/ pc or smartphone. All for free.

If this is your first visit please click the MAIN TABS of an event BEFORE you click the DROPDOWN tab. This will help contextualise your visit. Today’s features are the bottom dropdown items – but if you missed anything from yesterday you can catch up because all dropdown tabs are added incrementally and remain valid throughout the festival.  We also suggest you click the MAIN TAB for FESTIVAL WHO’S WHO to find out ALL the authors who are participating. There are around 50 and those with the most active engagment have their own special FESTIVAL PAGES.

Without more ado – to announce today’s programme:

We start with SHORT STORIES at 11.15. Today our story is Scottish Book of the Dead by Gavin Broom. It is written in Scots (and it has what might twee-ly be called ‘language’ so it’s for an adult audience!)

At 12.30pm go to WRITERS PIECES with Cally Phillips for an insight into her journey through epublishing via serial retirement and the dramatic monologue.

At 3pm in WRITERS REVIEWING WRITERS today’s event is a peer review of crime/thriller writer Bill Kirton. Best known for his DCI Carston novels, you’ll find that he has other genres up his sleeve as well.

At 5pm join us @theFestival to find out about Indie Publisher Golden Duck. A personal insight by Julia Jones.

At 7pm in BEYOND FICTION  we take a look at writing/reading and researching. There’s a definite DIY flavour to it – after all, each person’s journey is individual, so time for YOU to start engaging. 

AT 8pm our EXTRAS @ 8 ties in quite nicely with the 7pm slot. Catherine Czerkawska offers a personal view of some of the ‘key texts’ which have inspired her indie publishing ‘journey.’  Ironically most of the ‘texts’ are not yet available as ebooks and the one that is has made its author an ebook millionaire!

And closing things down at 9pm we are back with POETRY. Our poet in residence Dan Holloway entertains you again – today’s poem is called Her Body.

We hope you enjoy today’s offerings – and remember – we’ll be doing it all again tomorrow and every day up till the 27th August.  But even if you have to work, you can still find a way to enjoy the features – after all, as long as you have a pc/smartphone/ipad or ereader with wifi access THE FESTIVAL COMES TO YOU.