Festival Day 3

Is there an Olympic sized hole in your life? We aim to fill it. Not only can you catch up on the weekend’s events – that’s some 16 features on a range of topics from creative writing to polemic – but today we bring you masses of new stuff. There’s plenty of drama with a focus on writing drama, reviews of plays and excerpts from Chasing Waves available for you to view right here.  There’s also a lot more ‘interactive’ stuff with virtual book readings from Chris Longmuir and Peter Tarnofsky as well as some hanging out with Kool Kobo at the Facebook Page or Twitter (#edebookfest) if you prefer.  Whatever, we can take away those post Olympic blues and offer a marathon of creativity today and for the next 2 weeks.  Here’s the snapshot of our programme

11.15am The McStorytellers daily Short Story slot continues today with Statistically Improbable. Find out what Deirdre will wear today. And why it matters. Wry observational comedy (as usual) from the e-pen of Bill Kirton.

12.30pm Writers’ Pieces Today you get so much more than a FREE lunch with Peter Tarnofsky. Having just had a significant birthday this weekend (Happy Birthday Peter life really does begin –again – today) he’s in the giving mood. So not only does he share his ‘piece’ with you, he’s giving you a free short story as well. And if that’s not enough he’s put together a couple of hilarious clips from his short story collection They All Die At The End and two chapter excerpts from his childrens’ novel Timestand.  When you’ve chewed your way through that, go to our Facebook Page or #edebookfest and Peter will be hanging out there happy to chat with you in virtual person.

3pm Writers Reviwing Writers/ Auld Lums features peer review of the work of Chris Longmuir and includes virtually live ‘readings’ of some of her most popular work.

5pm @theFestival introduces HoAmPresst Publishing.  Find out how and why Cally Phillips wears a range of hats professionally.

7pm Beyond Fiction  Looking at two playwrights who are ‘experimenting’ with ebooks for playscript publication. Cally Phillips and Catherine Czerkawska’s stage work profiled.

CHASING WAVES EXCERPTS  Seven short clips from the Quantum phenomemon that is Chasing Waves. A stage play in the absurdist tradition now available as an ebook complete with extras that offers the clearest exposition of quantum theory I’ve ever read  (Bill Kirton) A sneak preview means these are available all day from 10am on the Extras@8 dropdown menu.

8pm Extras @ 8 carries on the drama theme with  Traditional and e-reviews of the plays Cally Phillips and Catherine Czerkawska have converted to ebook format.

9pm Poetry slot. Our poet in residence Dan Holloway showcases Anna Hobson. Fresh from the Edinburgh Free Fringe and probably kicking around the ‘real’ festival, Anna gives us a ‘virtual’ sample of her poetry with – Tales of Modern Courtship.

 Remember that if it’s your first visit to an EVENT it’s wise to click on the MAIN TAB first to find out what that event is all about. Then progress to the dropdown menus which are added daily. (Usually the newest feature is at the top of the dropdown, but sometimes it’s the other way round! Come back here to confirm your festival options. And you can catch up on all the events you’ve missed from the weekend as well – at your own leisure. 

Enjoy your day at the festival.