Festival Day 5

Day 5. All becoming more familiar now? And some of our virtual attendee’s getting right into the spirit – today’s picture shows Chris Longmuir enjoying the festival!  It seems writers are hungry beasts and one of the things our writers like most about the ebook festival is that they can eat, drink and make merry at the same time as sharing their work!


The programme for today is shaping up as follows:

11.15am Today’s Short Story is the first from Festival Director Cally Phillips. The Stabbin’ o’ Rizzio is set in ‘the scheme’ and would give the likes of Irvine Welsh a run for their money. Not for the faint hearted. And written in Scots.

12.30 Writer’s Piece today comes from Bill Kirton. He wanted to be around to have an interactive chat but he’s been called away to hospital. Lucikly it doesn’t prevent you reading his very interesting ‘piece’ and hopefully he’ll be back in person soon.


The 3pm Writers Reviewing Writers (Auld Lums) is given over to Rosemary Gemmell (some may know her as Romy Gemmell) and a touch of Romance.  There’s reviews and a couple of trailers of Rosemary’s work.

5pm @theFestival sees Skinback Books strut their stuff, explaining all the how’s and whys. If you laughed at Jan Needle’s Writer’s Piece on the opening day, you’ll find out more about him here. There’s also extra reviews available via the Extras @ 8 tab.

7pm takes us Beyond Fiction and today we take a quantum leap over to the IEBR site again for a review of You’ve got to Read This by Simon Cheshire, Reviewed by Dennis Hamley. What can I say? You’ve got to read this…

8pm is Extras @ 8 and we tell you of another wee collaboration. Wee Fictions Fringe runs through August hosted by Andrew McCallum Crawford.  If you’ve not had enough of short stories at this festival he’s got more Edinburgh themed writing over there.

And that brings us back to the 9pm Poetry Slot.  Today poet in residence Dan Holloway presents his poem Holly.  A thought provoking way to end another long day at the ebook festival.

Remember to catch up on all the things you’ve missed from earlier in the festival. All still available for viewing.  MAIN TAB for the ‘event’ description and Dropdown Tab for the individual events.

And we’ll be here doing it all again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…