Festival Day 6

Can you believe it? How time flies. Day 6 already. Have you caught up on the 35 + ‘events’ we’ve hosted thus far? Missed any? Don’t worry, once they’re up they’re up for the duration. But don’t forget if it’s the first time you’re visiting a FEATURE it’s wise to click the  MAIN TAB for context before you start wallowing in the Dropdown events.

So – the line up for today.  As usual things kick off at the civilised hour of coffee o’clock – 11.15  Our Short Story today is Pat Black’s Windowboxes.  Ghostly going’s on at the flats.

And if you missed it, Mr McStoryteller has been spreading it abroad that Irvine Welsh is a fanny – citing as his evidence: yesterday’s The Stabbin’ O’ Rizzio by Festival Director Cally Phillips (wouldn’t normally give myself an extra plug, but I’m still laughing about that comment being spread round social media!)

Name calling forgotten, it all gets back to being a bit more civilised at 12.30  when we Have lunch with Catherine Czerkawska while she tells you why she went ‘indie’ on Writer’s Pieces. 

Once you’ve had time to digest all that at 3pm at Writers Reviewing Writers.(Auld Lums) you can see what they’re all saying about the Festival Director Cally Phillips in review. 

At 5pm  We let Crooked Cat. Edinburgh Based  Independent Publisher have their say. There’s much debate about ‘indie’ publishing, unsurprisingly it’s been the most visitedevent in the festival. Crooked Cat show their perspective and help you learn your true ‘indie’ from your SmallTrad.

At 7pm over on IEBR site  we host the Long awaited IEBR review of a modern classic – The remarkable Tollesbury Time by Stuart Ayris

And at 8pm  in Extras @ 8 we ntroduce the festival’s great new find The Bard of DrumTumshie – Jack MacRoary. Jack has taken on the task of commentator while we hop over  to the World Writers’ Conference which starts tomorrow IN REAL and ON LINE between 3 and 5pm for 5 days.  Have a laugh with Jack before you head over to the ‘serious’ debate by ‘acclaimed’ authors telling us all about ‘culture’ and ‘literature’.

Finally 9pm – Poetry with Dan Holloway’s immense and intense Hungerford Bridge. It’s a love poem. And I love it! Remember the day! This is right up there amongst one of my most favourite poems (including Keats and them boys) and I’m so glad that Dan’s shared it with us here. Don’t miss it or his ‘live’ reading of it.