Festival Day 7

That’s the first week down then. And for the long weekend of the World Writers Conference we are slimming down in order to give you a chance to ‘share’ in that debate. You can find it by going to the Conference site (which is nothing to do with us). Hot news is that James Kelman isn’t going. He has his reasons. Maybe he’ll come here instead? We wanted to tell him about us but so far couldn’t find a way to comment. So if you know James, point him in this direction will ya!  And if you want to comment about Ed eBook Festival it’s easy – go to the Facebook Page. All comments welcome. Pictures too.

But there’s still plenty going on for you to engage with here and of course, this offers you the opportunity to catch up on all those events you’ve missed during the week when you were busy living a ‘real’ life.

Today’s programme starts as always at 11.15 with a Short Story. It’s by Catherine Czerkawska today and titled Civil Rights. And as an extra bonus Catherine says:  To coincide with the eBook Festival, Bird of Passage is free on Kindle today, tomorrow and Saturday: in the UK, the USA and several European countries. Or Visit Catherine’s Festival Page and Review pages for more info.

Lunch time rolls around at 12.30 but no writers are sharing their pieces today since they will be girding their loins for the Conference. However, you can prepare yourself for that great event by reading the first installment of the Bard of DrumTumshie, Jack MacRoary who will give his considered? opinion on a number of salient issues of the day. Maybe. You never quite know what you’ll get with Jack. Go to the Conference Commentary dropdown.

At 7pm, when you’ve got over the Conference debate, we offer you a Focus on platforms and hardware. Note this is nothing to do with trains. It’s to do with publishing platforms available to the indie writer/reader and the choice of things you can read them on.  A chance to learn your Kindle from you Kobo and your KDP from you KWL at the Beyond Fiction dropdown event.

Then, to round it all off at 9pm we close as ever with our poetry slot. Tonight it’s our Poet in Residence Dan Holloway giving you Skinback – which he say is  the first poem I wrote after I decided I wanted to be a writer.  I for one am glad he made that decision. And keeps making it.

I’m sure you’re as fed up reading the following as I am writing it. But if you are unfamiliar with the site you really need to read the MAIN TABS for events BEFORE you start on the Dropdown features. If you want to understand what’s going on that is.