Festival Day 8

It’s becoming harder and harder not to put on a Geordie accent and say ‘Day 8 in the Festival House’.  Well, here we are again. Another weekend. The middle weekend as they’d say at Wimbledon. All around us are what might be termed at worst cliches or at best analogies which help us to make sense of the world. And here at the virtual festival which comes to you, we try to root out cliche and dig around the analogies and find you something that will interest and challenge your thinking. And, oh yes, that you may enjoy!

So don’t forget to have a look around the events you might have missed. Once an event has happened it’s there for the duration so there’s no  need to miss out. You know the rules (Paxman voice) Main Tab first for EVENT context, Dropdown menus for content.

Lined up for you today we have the usual 11.15am coffee time Short Story. Although this is no ‘usual’ story. A Fishing Line by Festival Director Cally Phillips is in no way about real fish or real fishing. It’s an archetypal story. Cally describes it as ‘the story that changed my life’ and if you read it carefully enough and think about it carefully enough, it could change yours too.  It’s less about fish and more about how to think differently about life and our relationship to it.

At 12.30pm Jack’s Back on the Conference Commentary slot with Episode Two of Tales from TattyBogle our humorous take on the world of literature and culture. Setting you up to jump ship, along with us, to Day Two of the Edinburgh World Writers Conference. Which is much more important than anything we’re doing here – well, at least it’s REAL people – though we of course are a virtual audience. Today it’s about Style vs Content. Jack’ll look forward to seeing you there. He wants to remind you that he’s not an experimentalist and you’ll have to read Episode One if you missed it before you can make any sense of his story.

At 7pm it’s the start of a Three Part Series on Reviewing. Tonight at Beyond Fiction Cally Phillips walks you through the definitions we need before we begin the debate: What is a review?  

At 9pm we welcome Sian S Rathore to the Poetry slot with her poem ‘Now we are real.’ Enjoy. And get a good night’s sleep before it all starts again on Sunday. No peace for the wicked here!