Festival Day 9

Summer at last. Kool Kobo enjoying the garden – remember you can still enjoy the festival while outside by logging in via your netbook/smartphone/ipad or ereader.  Or be more ‘traditional’ and use your computer! Whatever way you find us, as long as you find us and enjoy yourself that’s all we ask.

The programme for today is once more the slimmed down version to take into account the   Edinburgh Writers Conference which we (and hopefully you) have been glued to over the past few days.  Sadly, there’s been no mention of indie epublishing yet but we are putting together an ‘open letter’ on the topic of the censorship of invisibility which will be available on this site in the Extras @ 8 slot today and which we hope (somehow) to transmit to the Conference Delegates in time for the debate tomorrow -if we can throw off our cloak of invisibility. So if any of our festival goers has any ‘contacts’ then please do pass THE CENSORSHIP OF VISIBILITY letter on to any and everyone you think may be interested or be in a position to advocate.

Aside from that we start as ever at 11.15am with a Short Story. Today it’s Ghost Story by Chris Longmuir (Happy Birthday Chris!).

At 12.30 Jack’s back with Episode Three of Conference Commentary our lighthearted and satirical ‘take’ on culture and literature.

After you’ve taken in the debate on Nationalism in Literature at the ‘real’ Conference, come back here for 7pm and the Beyond Fiction slot to read PART TWO of our three part series on Reviews. Today we address the question of why we have/need them.

Then at 9pm our Poetry slot is given over to Penny Goring whose poem ‘Ornamental Onion (Atomic Tangerine) is sure to get you thinking long into the night.

Remember – if this is your first time (or you’re unfamiliar with the layout) the best way to engage with the features is to look at the MAIN TAB event first to contextualise before you click on one of the growing number of ‘features’ in each event.  They all stay up for the length of the festival so feel free to browse around and take your fill. It’s all free.