Festival Day 10

We’ve taken ourselves out of our little festival world to engage with the World Writers Conference and see if we can throw off the cloak of invisibility with the Open Letter to the Conference about the censorship of visibility. They start at 3pm and we’ll be there – virtually for the debate to see if we get a mention. Hope you’ll be there too.

But back here at the virtual festival we work according to the now familiar daily routine:

First up at 11.15 is our Short Story slot – Today it’s the first story from Cally Phillips new collection of stories in Scots ‘It Wisnae Me’ and is titled Chappin Doors and…  (the part after the … will be featured on Wee Fictions Fringe tomorrow.

At 12.30 Jack’s back – with EPISODE FOUR of his Tales from Tattybogle. A bit of lighthearted relief before the battle to come? Go to Conference Commentary tab to find him.

At 7pm it’s BEYOND FICTION and the final part of REVIEWING THE REVIEWS – time to catch up on the whole 3 part series if you’ve missed it.

And finally at 9pm we turn our Poetry slot over to Michele Brenton (aka Banana the poet) for her topically titled poem 50 Shades of Blue.  (Good, I always preferred Blue to Grey!)

Now I really shouldn’t be having to say this again, but if this is your first visit (where have you been for the past 10  days?) remember that to get the most from the festival you need to look at the MAIN TABS for events BEFORE you engage with the dropdown menus.  eg for the full FESTIVAL WHO’S WHO you need to click the MAIN TAB.  The dropdown menu has our most featured writers but there are many more to find out about on the Main Tab. Don’t be afraid. Click a MAIN TAB (even if the Dropdown looks oh so tempting!)