Festival Day 11

Kool Kobo is hanging out with bookish friends. We are indie and proud but we’re happy to share with paperbacks and hardbacks and we read mainstream and experimental and all kinds of things. It’s just that here we are on Day 11 of celebrating the Tip of the Iceberg of some really great indie writing talent.  Heard yesterday on the radio that there is ‘no good lit fiction coming from indie writers.’ I beg to disagree. It may struggle for visibility but it’s THERE and some of it is HERE.  It’s just that if you don’t have a publisher out batting for you, you have to do some more work of your own and if people refuse to acknowledge that  writing which has NOT been mediated through a publisher gatekeeper CAN BE good then obviously they’re not going to FIND any!  For this and many other thoughts you can browse round the festival site or go to the host site IEBR.

Today’s line up includes:

At 11.15 it’s Short Story with Mr McStoryteller himself Brendan Gisby bringing you When you stop believing.’ Powerful, charged writing.

At 12.30 it’s the final episode of Tales from TattyBogle with the efestival’s home grown star Jack MacRoary in the Conference Commentary slot

From 3 to 5pm you can go over to the Edinburgh World Writers Conference site (nothing to do with us we just stand outside the window looking in for 2 hours a day)  which is where we’ve been glued over the past 5 afternoons – still waiting for them to mention or acknowledge epublishing and/or ‘indie’ models as viable – today they debate the Future of the Novel – you’d think someone will mention digital media and alternative modes of publication! Even if they do just think it’s the work of the devil.

At 7pm you can mosey on down to IEBR site via the REVIEWS ARE IN Tab and find out about the 6 month anniversary of the site and the 50 years in publishing of Dennis Hamley.

At 8pm in Extras @8 you’ll find Dennis cropping up again with reviews and a competition for the Long Journey of Joslin de Lay series.  Dennis promises some of the books will be FREE on Amazon on 24th/25th but we suggest you BUY them.  The guy may be the ‘father’ of the indie ebook world but he’s not Santa. (Maybe he is Santa?) Anyway, if you like what you see, buy the books – authors give them away for visibility not because they are charities.

At 9pm the Poetry slot sees Paul Askew bring you ‘The Extremely Abridged…’ 

And if you’re finding it hard to navigate your way through Main Tabs -I’ve told you more than 10 times already right? Well, if you still can’t get it, go back to launch day post and read it there – or any day before this one.  Get with it. It’s not rocket science. (Am I being cheeky? – what does it matter, no one’s reading this far down any more are they?)