Festival Day 12

We’re back to full strength having recovered from our 5 day afternoon ‘holiday’ to virtually attend the Edinburgh World Writers Conference.  More about this in the Extras @8 section today. Here at ‘our’ festival  (where the picture shows everyone can share nicely)  we are still celebrating what’s good about indie writing/publishing as our way of stating the case that there ‘is’ good indie writing – across a variety of forms and that the reader/writer relationship is key to the whole cultural debate. We aren’t here for the middlemen or gatekeepers. We’re here for ourselves.

At 11.15 today the Short Story slot features Kevin McCallum and The Road to Luss Pier. Enjoy it with your coffee or other strong beverage of your choice.

At 12.30 we are back with the second half of Writers Pieces. Today its the man/legend that is Dennis Hamley (50 years in publishing) and he tells us all about then and now from his perspective.  Don’t forget to look at his special review feature from yesterday or the Joslin Competition. He’ll be giving some ebooks away free on 24th and 25th on Amazon too so there’s NO excuse not to read one and attempt a review.

At 3pm in Writers Reviewing Writers we look at Mary Smith, author of one ebook No More Mulberries and she gives her own view about writing.

At 5pm we are back @theFestival with Philistine Press who offer an innovative epublishing approach that is definitely worth a look.

At 7pm head on over to the IEBR review site (link from Reviews are in) where Catherine McLeod’s ebook ‘bestseller’ The Daisychains of Silence is reviewed.

At 8pm in Extras @8  you can catch up on a personal view and some links regarding THE FUTURE or indeed THE DEATH of the novel. But you’ll need to put your thinking caps on for this one.

And at 9pm our poetry slot is Sarah Snell-Pym. Her poem is ‘Shy.’ You can read it and you can hear it – but you can’t see her reading it – maybe that’s because she’s shy?

Enjoy another full day at the Festival. Catch up on what you’ve missed. Feel free to browse around. Orient yourself using the Main Tabs and then fill your boots on what’s on offer from the Dropdowns.  Its the final five days so make the most of your festival time.  And if you like us, or want to make comments, go to our facebook page or use #edebookfest on Twitter to hook up with other festival goers.