Festival Day 13

Nearly up to the two week mark. Definitely not a sprint but a marathon. However, we’re happy to welcome daily regulars and new festival goers each and every day.  And pictures of ereaders in interesting and unusual positions!  Thanks to Catherine for today’s picture – appropriate for our Short Story section and for our overall view – horses for courses!

Through  this virtual festival we hope at the very least to open your eyes to some new possibilities with epublishing and to introduce you to the tip of the iceberg of some great indie writers and writers as publishers and some of the issues of the day.  Only four more days to go though! No fireworks to mark the end of the festival here (not even virtual ones) but some free give-aways may be on the cards!

Today’s programme starts as usual at 11.15 with Short Story. Today it’s Horses by John McGroarty. 

At 12.30 we welcome Rosalie Warren to share her writer’s ‘piece’ with us. She was worried her Scottish credentials weren’t up to scratch, but hey, you wanna be a Scot that’s fine by us! Nationality of the heart counts.

At 3pm in Writers Reviewing Writers we review the work of that exiled Scot Andrew McCallum Crawford. Catch up on his current activities in his Wee Fictions blog.

At 5pm @theFestival we bring you the inside story on how McStorytellers came to be from Mr McStoryteller (and our Storyteller in Residence) Brendan Gisby.  To say he’s singlehandedly changing short story telling in Scotland WOULD be something of an exaggeration, but he’s opening the door for a lot of people to get their stories published who otherwise might never ‘make it’ through traditional or mainstream channels.

At 7pm we segue over to IEBR (via reviews are in) and the review is of Rosalie Warren’s Charity’s Child. 

Then at 9pm we round things off with Neil Schiller’s poem Oblivious: Haiku Diary.  Don’t blink!

Remember, remember, Main Tabs first if you’re not familiar with the context of the event. Then wade through the dropdown menus to your hearts content. It’s all free.