Festival Day 14

We may be rushing inexorably towards the end of this 17 day marathon – just a weekend and the final Monday left, but we’ve plenty of good writing still to be read.  So make sure you set aside some time this weekend to catch up on all those features you’ve been  ‘meaning to’ but never had the time to look at.

Today’s programme is in the familiar pattern:

11.15 Short Story slot.  Today Angus Shoor Caan takes you back to the 70’s with Chooby, One Lazy Bastard. 

At 12.30 Julia Jones shares her Writers Piece with you and gives you her personal view on  indie writing and publishing.

At 3pm our Writers Reviewing Writers features Myra Duffy who describes her writing as ‘cosy crime’.  I’m pretty ignorant about crime and its fiction in general and ‘cosy’ crime is a new one for me so I should go get myself educated by reading the reviews.

At 5pm we branch out again, welcoming Guerilla Tea to the @theFestival slot. They are an interactive games company, proving that there is plenty of scope for ‘crossover’ in the new epublishing world.

At 7pm in the Beyond Festival slot we look at a trio (or should that be a trilogy) of writers in Focus on Non Fiction. Kathleen Jones writes biography, Jo Carroll writes travel/memoir and Orna Ross presents her Inspiration Mediation ebook.  Just to prove that there is a lot more than fiction being epublished!

At 9pm our Poetry slot is given over to Anna Percy who shares her Poem Inspired by Mattisse’s Blue Nude.  A great way to end the fortnight.

Oh – and remember that most of Dennis’ Joslin novels are FREE at Amazon today and tomorrow. click HERE to download. They are all free bar Hell’s Kitchen but I’m sure no one is too mean to feel that buying one and getting five free is a poor deal. Thanks for the gift Dennis.  (It’s only contractual issues that stopped Dennis giving them all away for free!) Six ebooks for less than the price of a weekend paper. Go on, you’ve got to have some of that! 

We look forward to virtually seeing you for the final weekend. Have a good one. Remember the rule – click the Main Tab first for context (in the unlikely event that you’ve just ‘found’ us and feel drowned in the dropdowns!)