Festival Day 15

It’s the weekend. In case you hadn’t noticed. And they’re beginning to tell us that summer is nearly over. Not that I ever noticed it had begun. And where was spring?  Still, it gives you all the excuse you need to cuddle up with an ereader or computer and enjoy the features and events from the Edinburgh eBook Festival while you can. Kool Kobo’s buddy is head over heels about the whole thing.

Today’s programme starts as usual at 11.15 with a Short Story. Today it’s from Stewart Wright. The title Under the Watchful Gaze of Iron, Paint and Mum should give anyone who has lived under the shadow of the Forth Rail Bridge pause for thought.

At 12.30 Rosemary Gemmell shares her Writers Piece with you. You may have encountered Rosemary as Romy or Ros as she writes under both these names.

At 3pm Mr McStoryteller, Brendan Gisby  is reviewed in Writers Reviewing Writers. He’s a prolific writer and only a few of his works are reviewed here – but I’ve got a backlog of other works by Brendan on my Kool Kobo just waiting to be enjoyed.

At 5pm we welcome The Alliance of Independent Authors to the festival. Orna Ross introduces you to this organisation designed to help and promote ‘indie’ authors.

At 7pm we go Beyond Fiction to Focus on Interactivity. A piece written for us by Guerilla Tea’s Charlie Czerkawski – asking writers to think about broadening their storytelling boundaries.  Interactive games need good writers too!

At 9pm our poem is from Poet in Residence Dan Holloway. It is my absolute favourite of Dan’s poems The Mentalist, and you can see him reading it as well!  Go Dan!!

In extra news I can report that Bill Kirton has put The Figurehead free on Amazon today and tomorrow so when you’re there picking up your free Joslin’s,  get hold of The Figurehead too! And Dennis is riding high in the charts so plenty of you must be taking him up on his free offer. Hurry hurry – though they are well worth paying for once the freebie run is over.

And that’s us till tomorrow – but don’t think it’ll be a lazy Sunday – every day’s packed with good writing here at the Edinburgh eBook Festival – right till the final whistle on Monday night.  So keep on coming back. Explore your way around and fill yer boots with some of the best that indie’s have to offer.  And always remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s plenty more where this came from, you just have to get active and go looking.