Festival Day 17

All good things must come to an end and we finish at 9pm tonight with a final pair of poems. But there’s lots of good stuff to come before then so don’t start having withdrawal symptoms just yet.

There’s lots more good FREE stuff today before you head off back to the real world.

Cally Phillips’ The Threads of Time,  Catherine Czerkawska’s The Secret Commonwealth and Burns on the Solway, and Janice Horton’s Reaching for the Stars are all FREE.  Read the reviews in the Writers Reviewing Writers slots, visit the author Festival pages and then go to Amazon for your free download.

We are also giving away ebook versions of Writers’ Pieces as a memento of the inaugural Edinburgh eBook Festival. To score your free copy go to Beyond Fiction at 7pm and follow the instructions.

While you’re waiting the festival comes to a close with the final 11.15 Short Story from Alan BroughMolindinar

At 12.30 Linda Gillard ‘closes’ the festival writers’ pieces with her own view on why she went (and is staying) indie.

At 3pm in Writers Reviewing Writers, Festival Director Cally Phillips showcases three writers she’s most enjoyed in the last 6 months of ebook reading and reviewing.  That’s Peter Tarnofsky, Andrew Staniland and Stuart Ayris (if you can’t bear the suspense)

At @theFestival at 5pm there’s a festival round up just putting things into context for the last time.

Beyond Fiction at 7pm is where to go for your FREE writers pieces ebook.

And in Extras @ 8 Jack MacRoary is back, offering you the chance to be among the first to download his TALES FROM TATTYBOGLE as an ebook. Don’t miss out.

And finally at 9pm our Poet in Residence Dan Holloway bids you farewell with a double header of poems.

Thanks so much for visiting the festival, and whether you’ve come once or many times, whether you’ve read one short story or consumed everything on offer, we hope it’s opened your eyes to the possibilities epublishing has to offer for the indie writer as publisher and the reader. We want to reach out to you directly and we hope you’ve found a lot of interesting writing you’d never had known about before. Remember, it’s just the tip of the iceberg and if you go ‘exploring’ there’s a world more good indie writing out there just waiting to be ‘discovered’ by you! 

And if you need a bit of guidance in the future, the Indie eBook Review site continues to offer reviews 3 times a week. And our Facebook page is still live for anyone who wants to keep ‘liking’ us. 

Thanks for coming ‘virtually’ and we hope to see you again next year.

Cally Phillips (Festival Director)