There are those who can get to the ‘real’ Edinburgh Book Festival and those who can’t.  Maybe you live too far away. Maybe you just can’t afford it. Don’t despair. We’re bringing Edinburgh to you via the Edinburgh e-book festival.

And this is the place where we answer some of your basic questions:

What? (is the festival) 

Hosted by indie e-book review in assocation with Cheekyweebisum productions  the inaugural Edinburgh e-book festival runs concurrently with the ‘real’ thing August 11th to 27th 2012.  Please note this is an independent, virtual festival with no ties or association to the commercial entity that is the Edinburgh Book Festival.

Our festival showcases some of the best of indie e-book writers around.  However it is just the  TIP OF THE ICEBERG. There are plenty more great indie ebook writers out there we haven’t tracked down yet.  The festival seeks to introduce you to ‘indie’  writers and writers as publishers and explore the whole world of epublishing from a new perspective giving you the tools to start your own interactive journey into the world of ebooks. 

How? (Do I get the most from the festival)

Remember you don’t have to book in advance, you don’t even have to leave the house. This is the book festival that you can stay at home to visit. And it costs you nothing but your time.

Naviagting your way: Please note that we have MAIN pages and DROP DOWN menus. You’re well advised to click on the MAIN TITLE TAB for each section to find an overview before you start exploring the drop down menu. The MAIN TAB offers you the ‘event’ guide and the Dropdown menu builds with each day as new ‘features’ are added to that ‘event’. If it’s the first time you’re visiting an ‘event’ we strongly suggest you read the MAIN TAB event guide first to contextualise your visit.

We also have interactive links to Facebook,  Twitter using hashtag #edebookfest and YouTube. These will be highlighted when available. Links to our hosting partner Indie ebook review will also be shown where relevant.

Every morning at 10am we announce that day’s programme to help guide you. Once an event has occurred it remains there for the duration of the festival so you can always pick up on something you’ve missed at a more convenient time if you really have something better to do!

Why? (would you run/visit such a festival)

With the emergence of digital publishing and ebook technology the traditional publishing market is opened up, challenged and new ways of working and writing are emerging. We are in the early days of a new technology and a new cultural experience. At the festival we are interested in engaging in the important debates for writers and developing critical responses to them. Key debates include: What is independence in publishing?  What is an indie writer/publisher? What are ‘rights’ in a publishing context? What are reviews? What is the difference between opinion and critique? We hope to explore all of these throughout the festival and by showcasing people who are actively involved in creating this new ‘indie’ version of publishing, show you the reader (or potential indie writer as publisher) that there is plenty of good writing out there if you know how and where to look and that the possibilities are emerging for a less mediated relationship between reader and writer. We hope that you will enjoy your visit.

(Cally Phillips, Festival Director) 


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