Beyond Fiction

It’s a fair assumption that when people think (if they do) of ebooks they tend to think of fiction. But as we are showing throughout the festival that’s just the tip of the iceberg – and this is a very large iceberg.  At 7pm every day we offer you a time for reflection and a time to start honing your critical faculties and challenging your deepest held assumptions.

In the Beyond Fiction features we begin to explore some of the many other aspects and applications of ebooks. We have compiled a Focus On series which includes:  How to format ebooks, how to write, and specific genres like Drama, Non Fiction and Interactivity – all of which will give you an idea of the many other ways that epublishing is being used by creative people.  And offer, we hope an introduction into a whole new aspect of epublishing.

We also have a ‘reviews’ section. Not only will we link with IEBR (The indie e-book review site) throughout the festival but we will also look at reviews and review sites in more detail. We’ll look at the why’s and wherefore’s and what’s behind all the glowing 5 stars and emerging   ebook promotional sites.  We will even ‘review’ the review sites! (We have no fear) in an attempt to help you make up your own mind about who and what you can trust and give you a more informed stance from which to make your own choices about what you want to read.  We help you start the journey. But it’s your journey.

Our IEBR linked reviews Tuesdays through Thursdays will feature the work of writers as diverse as  Bill Kirton, Simon Cheshire, Stuart Ayris, Catherine McLeod and Rosalie Warran and where ever we can we’ll be popping in ‘extra’ reviews linked through Extras @ 8.

We’ll also give an overview of blogs that we have found useful and interesting.  Believe me, the world is full of blogs many of them very good and they share a trait with indie ebook publishing – until you know they exist you may be missing something very good.

Indie authors are increasingly using blogs to ‘build reader platforms’ or in simple speak to show you who they are and  how and what they write FOR FREE so that you can choose whether or not to buy their published work.  And within the ‘indie’ community there are also a lot of commentators on the business and ‘revolution’ that is epublishing.  There are lots of people out there touting for your money of course, some of them using cunning and devious ploys. We hope to show you some of the good, and maybe some of the ugly. The bad? No, life’s too short to read bad blogs or bad ebooks isn’t it?  (Sadly we do not feature Clint Eastwood in this festival! – though he’s very welcome to attend)