Wee Fictions Fringe

Andrew McCallum Crawford runs Wee Fictions – a blog site dedicated to promoting both his own work and that of other writers.  Here he gives his response to the inaugural Edinburgh EBook Festival.

What a brilliant idea, getting all these independent authors together in one place – especially in August, when the biggest arts festival in the world takes place in one of its most beautiful cities. I’d also like to thank Cally for suggesting this collaboration between the EebookF and my blog, Wee Fictions

Wee Fictions started out as a vehicle to promote my books, Drive! and The Next Stop Is Croy and other stories, but it soon became more than that. I began to use the blog as a public workspace, posting excerpts from works in progress. It was refreshing to be able to talk with other writers, not so much through comments on the blog, but through other social media, especially when the blog posts were linked to Facebook. There are so many writers out there, we all know that. I’ve been extremely lucky in finding publishers, both online and in print, for my short stories. I realize that many writers do not even have publication as an aim, which is fine – we all write for different reasons. But I welcomed the opportunity that sharing my work online gave me, so I decided to take things further, asking for short story and poetry submissions for the blog. I didn’t ask specific writers, just posted blindly on FB. I must admit I was overwhelmed by the response (although I didn’t – and don’t – relish the role of Editor. Rejecting people’s work is difficult. In the end, the only criterion for acceptance was whether I liked the piece enough. I suppose this is the way all Editors work?)

I’ve now organised five guest features on Wee Fictions. Sometimes there is a theme. Skint Week. The Lovers. Sometimes there is no theme at all. It has been a pleasure to host stories and poems by so many different writers –Brian Hill, Jim Murdoch, Jay Passer, Gordon Urquhart, Christopher Barnes, Roberta Gould, Marion McCready, Alan Crossan, Brendan Gisby, Ross Wilson, Leela Soma, Mairi Campbell-Jack, Hamish Montgomery, Christie WilliamsonandShug Mcmillan. This year, because I couldn’t get over to Scotland for the Festival, I decided to do something related to Edinburgh, so I came up with the idea of Fringe Month. I’ve got another nine writers lined up, and I’ll be posting their work throughout August. Come along for a look – I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you’re on Facebook, drop me a line and I’ll be able to keep you informed about links to the posts as soon as they go live.

All the best from Greece – maybe see you in Edinburgh next year? Make sure you give the Edinburgh ebook Festival your full support. I know I will.

Andrew McCallum Crawford appeared at the festival with the opening story in Short Stories on Aug 11 at 11.15am. You can still see this story by clicking on the dropdown tab.

The Wee Fictions Fringe will feature … And running away by Cally Phillips on Aug 21st which is the sequel of the short story Chappin’ doors…  featured on short stories on Aug 20th.  Both of these stories can be found in the newly published It Wisnae Me collection of short stories in Scots

This cross collaboration between festival and fringe is an example of how ‘sharing’ and co-operation rather than competition, is one of the positive attributes of the indie epublishing world.