Jack’s Back

Hi Everyone. I’ve got great news. You can now buy all five of my episodes of Tales From Tattybogle as an ebook. And you don’t even need a Kindle. It’s available from Amazon here and from Kobo here and it only costs one pound.

There will be plenty more from me too, because Guerrilla Midgie have signed me up for a three ebook deal so I’m going to be a busy boy between now and Christmas holidays. So why don’t you go to my Facebook Page and LIKE me and then I can keep you updated with progress on the books.

And there’s a rumour that I’m going to be asked to Ghost Write Usain Bolt’s autobiography. Well, him and me were the two great sensations of the summer of 2012 after all.

Thanks for reading my work and I hope you’ll enjoy Tales from TattyBogle on your Kindle or Kobo or however you choose to read it.  I’d like to say all the proceeds will go to charity but it’s not really true. But if I earn enough to get my mum a micro pig for Christmas I’ll be a really happy boy. And so will she. Not a boy of course. A mum.  So… buy Jack’s mum a micro pig for Christmas. That’s the sort of pitch you don’t hear everyday in the epublishing world now isn’t it!

 Jack MacRoary – epublishing sensation, summer 2012.