This week on IEBR at 7pm we have the following reviews:

Tuesday 14th Alternative Dimension by Jack LeFebre (better known as Bill Kirton) reviewed by Cally Phillips

Wednesday 15th  You’ve got to read this by Simon Cheshire reviewed by Dennis Hamley

Thursday 16th Tollesbury Time Forever by Stuart Ayris reviewed by Cally Phillips

Click on any of these to go to them (but they won’t be available before 7pm on the selected day)  or go to the IEBR homepage to browse around the virtual bookshelf and catch up on one of our many reviews from the first 6 months.

These three reviews offer you a fairly representative sample of what you can find in the ‘indie’ epublishing world today. There are reasons why they haven’t been snapped up by mainstream publishers BUT NONE OF THESE REASONS is a lack of quality.  We hope that once you’ve read these reviews (and read the books) you’ll see that there is a whole new world of really exciting, interesting and challenging writing out there just waiting for you to read!