Dan Holloway – We were making fairytales

We Were Making Fairytales
The title is taken from a piece by Katelan Foisy, looking back at a teenage friendship that ended in tragedy. It was also inspired by Patti Smith’s wonderful book, Just Kids, which tells the story of her friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe, and celebrates the creative friendships that make us who we are.

We Were Making Fairytales

We were making fairytales.
We were knights of rhyme so high
Our mics made bitemarks in the belly of the sky.
We married hope and disappointment and anointed pages with
We took notes of rage and fear and motes of tenderness and made
their dreams our stage with them;
We took shamans and at pen point made them summon every poet
to make wagers for our soul with them.

We were making fairytales.
We were Bonnie and Clyde.
We were Jekyll and Hyde.
We were the moon and tide.
We were a skin that only had one side.
Fuck it, we were Park and Ride.

We were making fairytales
While they were getting by:
Men and women at their nine to fives,
The morning swarm performing caffeinated rituals in their
concrete hives;
Burnt-out minds still leaking empty lines,
Echoes of the decades where their lives were left behind;
White lightning veins ablaze through days of mediocrity
And nights of getting high
And mornings coming down and never getting dry.

We were making fairytales.
We trailed gingerbread rhymes and threads of twine
Through the labyrinthine minefields of our minds.
We folded syllables into origami cranes
And poems into paper planes
And flew into the sun
Like speeding guitars
Repeating the fastest bars of every riff the Pistols ever played
And scratched our names inside the eyelids of its flames.
Your anger was so raw
And your stanzas were so pure
And the heavens were so sure
That every drop of agony was true
The mermaids sang in stereo for you.

We were making fairytales
But now I’m looking in
At shadows that are slowly getting thin
Through windows that are slowly filling in,
And there’s silence instead of once upon a time
And there’s silence stealing lines from rhymes
And times from memories and melodies from all our tunes
And there’s silence healing all our sacred wounds
And there’s silence