Introducing the poetry slot… Dan Holloway

With its often fusty reputation and the fact that, let’s face it, strange and frequent line breaks don’t easily grace the screen of an iPhone, you’ think poetry would be the left behind relative of eliterature. In fact it’s been at the vanguard of digital culture. Alt lit, the literary equivalent of hydrothermal vents, contains whole genera of cutting edge digital poetry (during this series we’ll be featuring a wonderful example of flarf). 3:am, the ezine that has done more to shape emergent 21st Century literature than any other thing, place, or publication, is poetry rich, and poetry continue to dominate the ezine landscape through the likes of Metazen. And when it comes to ebooks, poetry holds its own. The edgiest of all digital publishers, Philistine Press, has a catalogue that features marvels such as Rob Sherman’s Valve Works and Mr If’s Violence is the Answer.

As poet in residence here, how I understand my remit is simple. First, I want to inspire you to get writing poetry and putting it online. Second, I want to show you what’s possible by introducing you to a very diverse selection of the finest digital poets writing today. Finally, I want to send you into the early hours with some late night poems.

Feel free to pop in any time, turn on some jazz, maybe a little drum n bass, and get ready to bathe in the dark delicious delights of digital poetry.