Penny Goring – Ornamental Onion (Atomic Tangerine)

Penny Goring
Penny Goring is one of the most startlingly original voices in contemporary literature. Her debut collection, The Zoom Zoom, was highly commended by the Guardian First Book Award judges and she has an incredibly dedicated online following for her poetry-prose-poetry pieces that put words and feelings together like brushstrokes of feeling on a glorious expressionist canvas.

You can buy The Zoom Zoom here and find Penny’s work posted regularly here.

Ornamental Onion (Atomic Tangerine)

colour me atomic tangerine


i imagined myself & i was phlox saxifrage pompom ranunculus

poppy anemone ornamental onion rattlesnake red ribbon nerine

& i loved the painted tongue

& i wore the rattlesnake

at poppy anemone ceremonies & across myrtle mimosa until morning

i worshipped the ornamental onion

in calla lily seizures

& i bled achillea

& i wished phlox

& i kissed wysteria

my mouth a red wet saxifrage


i want to stand where no shadows fall

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