Sarah Snell-Pym – Shy

Sarah Snell-Pym, the Purple Poet, is a scientist-artist-scientist and her poetry reflects her polymath background with delicious lyrical rhymes that are as at home describing the building blocks of the universe as politics.

You can find Sarah’s poems on a regular basis on her website and on Turquoise Monster which embraces her many talents form music and poetry to knitting.

You can hear Sarah performing this lovely poem, Shy, here


Shy sits silently
Shrouded by curtains of curly hair
Staring scared from below lashes
Squashed firmly into shadows
Watching with secret hopes
Crowds dancing
Loud is the sound
Such a slender slight form Shy retreats
Shy’s voice is lost
Scared away today
No one notices anymore
The scintillating scene streams past
Shy slips away into self consciousness
Screaming in silent agonies
Shy’s words are broken
When the word’s voice speaks – they stutter
Shattering the sounds of thoughts that should be shared
Shy used to speak but no one listened
So the word stream stopped
Clogged with What’s the Point?s and Silly Childs
But now barbed words are stinging
Struggling for escape
Ripping the throat
Sitting still Shy thinks
One day the song will come
And then Shy will sing!
Sing on Stage!
Staggering the audience
But for now Shy hides in the shadows
Silent and grave