@ the festival today

Getting down to business

At 5 pm from 11th – 16th and 22nd – 27th you’ll get the opportunity to get a virtual introduction to one of the companies, groups, co-operatives or people involved in the exciting new world of indie epublishing.

Whatever your opinion of ebooks (and there are many) it’s a fact that digital technology is changing the world of publishing for ever. And opening up many opportunities for independent authors and indeed for independently minded readers.

Using our ‘tip of the iceberg’ approach we will introduce you to some of the ‘players’,  the ‘movers and shakers’ of the new ‘market place’ who will give you their personal views about epublishing and share their experiences.  Our programme includes showcases and commentary on a range of ‘new’ publishers and publishing models all of which aim to show the diversity and possibilities within an ‘indie’ environment for digital publishing.

All those involved in writing love the printed word.  Many of us still love the paperback or hardback ‘experience’ but increasingly the benefits of ereaders are coming to the fore. Most, if not all, writers want to have their work read, many of them are turning to independent publishing for a huge range of reasons – often not ‘market’ driven so that whole new business models and ways of working are emerging.

And that’s what we want to give you a snapshot of in this feature event. We’ll be looking at indie’s such as Golden Duck, Skinback, HoAmPresst and Wordarts as well as Philistine, McStorytellers and Guerilla Tea all of whom are doing interesting things and have something to add to the ‘story’ of the ebook revolution.  We’ll also be dipping into the emergence of ‘communities’ of interest such as Authors Electric and the Alliance of Independent Authors, to give you an idea of what’s ‘going down’ in the current climate.

Please note this feature does not run during the 5 days online conference response days 17th-21st August.

From 11th – 16th we’ll open the debate on what the definition of ‘indie’ publishing actually is and we’ll introduce you to some of the ‘new’ indie pubilshers and find out why they’ve decided to publish this way.

From 22nd – 27th we look at an even more eclectic range from people who are using the electronic media in new and interesting ways to drawing comparisons between the various   ways in which the reader can interact/purchase/consume ebooks.