Do Authors dream of Electric books?

Authors Electric is a blog, an online community, a meeting place, a discussion forum for indie writers taking the journey into epublishing. Many of the writers taking part in this festival are also members of Authors Electric. The best way to find out what Authors Electric is all about is to go to their blog or website, but Susan Price, one of the founder members, has written her personal thoughts below: 

I love to read.  Probably you do too.

I’m a writer because I love to read.  I love stories and always did; and if you love stories, sooner or later you want to have a go at telling your own.

E-Books are a great invention for both readers and writers.  Publish immediately from your sofa!  A choice from millions of books, available in seconds!

No long bus rides to the nearest town big enough to support a book shop.  No rejections because you aren’t ‘marketable.’  No reaching the book shop to discover that they have every book by an author except the one you want.  No arguing with editors who seem to want to change everything about your book that made them want it in the first place.

About a week ago I finished Mantel’s ‘Wolf Hall’ after being gripped by it from page one.  The moment I reached the end, I clicked through to the kindle store, found ‘Bring Out The Bodies’, and bought it with one click.  Less than a minute later, I was reading it, one very happy bunny.

But what if you don’t know exactly what book, or even what kind of book, you want next?  What if you fancy trying a new author, perhaps one of the many independently publishing authors – but which one?

How do you pinpoint the one you’d enjoy from among the millions available?

What if you haven’t time to download lots of samples, or can’t be bothered?  Is there a way of narrowing the choice?  Say, a collection of varied e-books, gathered together in one place, from writers with awards, track records, and fans to recommend them?

This is exactly the service Authors Electric hopes to provide.  We are a co-op of 28 very varied writers, who have joined together to help and support each other in this new e-publishing world.  We want to be read, and we need to earn a living, and we hope that, as a group, we may be a little more visible than as single scribblers.

Among us you’ll find writers for adults, young adults and children.  We have crime writers, fantasy writers, writers of science-fiction, romance, ‘historicals’ and contemporary stories.  We can offer you plays, poetry, ghost stories, humour, short stories, self-help and non-fiction.

If you like reading any of these, take a quick look at the website.  Our books are listed by author and by category, to help you find the kind of read you enjoy.

There are links to extracts, reviews and websites, so you can check us out.  Most of us have a publishing track-record, and several have won awards.

Our blog, Do Authors Dream of Electric Books? brings you daily reports from writers grappling with the huge changes in the publishing industry.  If you enjoy reading blogs, give us a try – a different writer every day shares their experience, offers advice, or has a laugh.  We love getting comments from readers.

Do Readers Dream of Electric Books?  This reader does!

Susan Price (Authors Electric)

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