Festival Round Up

Well that’s it. Nearly over now. We can all go back to our various lives, real and virtual.

The festival site will stay live for a limited time after the final poem is read tonight in case there are still items you want to catch up on.

I strongly recommend that you take the details of writers and work you are interested in though because there will come a day when the festival vanishes into the cyber-ether.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first, very unique festival that comes to you. We’ve had around 9,000 visits from all over the world,  which is not at all bad for a first outing. And we’ll be back next August with more new, fresh, indie work.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in having any of our writers virtually visit, or would like us to set up a virtual ebook festival round your way or to tie in with your event, just contact us at

indieebookreview@btinternet.com  by email

or the Facebook Page which will remain live as a point of contact.

I’d personally like to thank all those who contributed and took part in the festival and of course all of you who took the time  to visit and read our work.  I hope it’s been an interesting experience and one that you’ll choose to repeat next year.

Finally, if you want to keep finding out about ‘indie’ ebooks the Indie Ebook Review site is there for you, with three reviews a week, year round. We aim to give you informed choices to help you decide what ebooks you want to read.

Cally Phillips (Festival Director)