Wordarts Publishing.

Wordarts is a little more than just a self publishing business, but a good deal smaller than your average independent publisher.

It is the brainchild of award winning playwright and novelist Catherine Czerkawska who has been living and writing in Scotland for many years. Catherine is an experienced writer, with a good track record in traditional publishing, fiction and non-fiction, and with many professionally produced (and published) plays to her name. She has taught for Arvon at Moniack Mhor and held a Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellowship for some years. She is currently on the committee of the Society of Authors in Scotland and on the board of the Ayrshire Arts Network.

She’d be the first to admit that she’s a natural mid-list writer who has always resisted being tied to a single genre, or even a single medium. Having been told that her lack of focus was a hindrance to her career, she realised that – with the eBook revolution – her ability to become interested in many different things (believing in six impossible things before breakfast has always come easily) might actually be an advantage rather than an obstacle

Wordarts was set up primarily to publish Catherine’s considerable backlist and a string of new novels, together with previously produced plays and stories, first as eBooks, and then as POD paperbacks.  Now the company has also published the first in a proposed series of small non-fiction guides, Breaking Into Video Game Design by Charles Czerkawski, one of the founder/co-owners of prizewinning Dundee based Game and App Developer, Guerilla Tea.

Modelled on the structure of an independent game developer, Wordarts aims to remain truly ‘independent’ retaining as much operational control as possible over all aspects of the business, using freelance editors and artists, but also choosing to self publish, or work with one or more publishers and publishing platforms on a project by project basis. Nothing is fixed.

TIGA, the excellent UK trade association representing the games industry, states that:

‘The traditional work for hire practice is giving way to new business models. UK game developers are increasingly self-publishing. Digital distribution is in the ascent. Developers have access to more options in terms of platforms, genres and distribution than ever before.’

It is clear that publishing is heading in the same direction.

Current eBook publications from Wordarts include:

The Curiosity Cabinet  There are still a few copies available in print format on Amazon.

Bird of PassageThe Amber Heart ,A Quiet Afternoon in the Museum of Torture – a trio of short stories, Stained Glass – a trio of ghost stories, Quartz – a full length play about religion and magic, first produced at the Traverse Theatre, The Secret Commonwealth – a monologue about Robert Kirk, the minister of Aberfoyle who wrote a treatise about the fairies, first produced at Glasgow’s Oran Mor lunchtime theatre., Burns on the Solway – a play about the last days of the poet’s life, down on the Solway coast. and Breaking Into Video Games Design, A Beginner’s Guide by Charles Czerkawski

To find out more about these publications visit Amazon Author Page and/or Catherine’s Festival Page 

Forthcoming publications to look out for include:

The Physic Garden – a story of male friendship and betrayal, set in early nineteenth century Glasgow.

Sunshine and Roses – a sexy beach read. Can a cross cultural marriage ever work?

Wordarts has a website at www.wordarts.co.uk

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