The reviews are in

At 7pm on Tuesdays/Wednesdays andThursdays during the Festival  you can check out the latest reviews from the Indie Ebook Review site.

The Indie ebook review offers  peer reviews for independently published ebooks. We review without fear or favour and  the only criteria required are that the writer has a significant stake in the creation of their own publication and that our team of reviewers like the work.  Life’s too short to waste time giving bad reviews. Our reviews are ‘recommendations’ aimed at giving the reader an informed choice. They are critical in the best sense of the word but positive because we don’t want to waste our time or yours on work that we don’t think is worth reading. Consequently, a review from IEBR is worth a lot more in critical terms than an Amazon 5 star ‘product’ review. Or we think so.

As well as linking to the current reviews on IEBR (which during the festival feature the work of Carol McKay, Jack LeFebre, Simon Cheshire, Stuart Ayris, Catherine Mcleod,  and Rosalie Warren)  we will be offering extra features on reviewing in general, an appraisal of reader and author led review sites and a feature on ‘how to’ review which links with our DENNIS HAMLEY/JOSLIN DE LAY review competition which will be launched during the festival. So keep your eyes open and prepare to hone your own critical reviewing skills!

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