Cally Phillips

Cally Phillips has been writing professionally for 20 years and has broadcast credits for TV and Radio as well many plays for stage. She was artistic director of Bamboo Grove Theatre Company from 2002-2006 and has worked with a variety of mental health/learning disability groups on creative projects.  She has undertaken residencies with DGAA and WLYT as well as teaching many creative courses from dramatic/screenwriting to digital film editing and production.  She was Secretary of the Scottish Branch of the Writers Guild for several years and a script reader for Channel 4.

Cally’s first published novel was The Threads of Time in 2003 and in 2010 she set up HoAmPresst Publishing with the first publication Brand Loyalty.  She continues to publish her works as limited edition paperbacks and ebooks. She has a large back catalogue which will, in the fullness of time, be reissued as ebooks.  She is currently working on a trilogy (in four parts) which will be published spring 2013 and anniversary editions of plays to be published autumn/spring 2012/2013.

To date Cally’s ebook publications are: The Threads of Time, and Brand Loyalty (novels) Voices in Ma Heid and It Wisnae Me (Short story collections in Scots), Chasing Waves and Five Fair Play Dramas  (Plays) and  the Omnibus edition of the fictional Drama Group No Labels: A Week With No Labels (published August 1st  and also available as daily ‘episodes’)

All Cally’s work is available on Amazon and in epub formats through Kobo

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Cally is editor of The Indie Ebook Review site  which sponsors this festival and is the Edinburgh E-book Festival Director.   As such you’ll see her popping up all over the festival as well as Short Stories, (Aug 15, 18, 20) Writers’ Pieces (Aug 12) Auld Lums (Aug 16) and in a range of features and opinion pieces throughout.