Catherine Czerkawska

 Award winning playwright and novelist Catherine Czerkawska has been living and writing in Scotland for many years. Catherine is an experienced writer, with a good track record in traditional publishing, fiction and non-fiction, and with many professionally produced (and published) plays to her name. She has taught for Arvon at Moniack Mhor and held a Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellowship for some years. She is currently on the committee of the Society of Authors in Scotland and on the board of the Ayrshire Arts Network.

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The Curiosity Cabinet

When Alys revisits the beautiful Hebridean island of Garve after an absence of twenty five years, she is captivated by the embroidered casket on display in her hotel. She discovers that it belongs to Donal, her childhood playmate, and soon they resume their old friendship. Interwoven with the story of their growing love, is the darker tale of Henrietta Dalrymple, kidnapped by the formidable Manus McNeill and held on Garve against her will. With three hundred years separating them, the women are linked by the cabinet and its contents, by the tug of motherhood and by the magic of the island itself. But Garve has its secrets, past and present. Donal must learn to trust Alys enough to confide in her and, like Henrietta before her, Alys must earn the right to belong.

‘Heartwarming, realistic and page turning’ – Lorraine Kelly.

‘A powerful story about love and obligation… a persuasive novel, very well written’ – John Burnside.

‘The writing in this book is so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it.’ Lorissa K Evans

Bird of Passage

Dealing sensitively with the shocking realities of state-sanctioned physical abuse in 1960s Ireland and its aftermath in the present day, Bird of Passage is a powerful story – ‘a big saga style novel’ says one reviewer – of cruelty, loss and enduring love.

Dr David Manderson writes ‘It’s not just a cracking read, it’s a genuinely powerful one, and once you stumble over the great love story at its centre you won’t be able to put this book down.’

Also reviewed at IEBR by Gilly Fraser

The Amber Heart 

The Amber Heart is a vivid and dramatic story of obsessive love and loyalty, of tragedy and triumph, set against the backdrop of a turbulent time and place.

When Polish noblewoman Maryanna Diduska first meets Ukrainian Piotro Bandura, they are both children, but their situations could not be more different. All the same, their lives are destined to be influenced by a mutual attraction with neither can resist. But this is also the story of the beautiful pancake yellow house of Lisko, Maryanna’s beloved childhood home, and the way in which the lives of the characters are disrupted by the political turmoil of the times. It has been described as a ‘Polish Gone With The Wind’, but if you loved the film version of Dr Zhivago, this might be the novel for you.

Writing in the Indie E-Book Review, Cally Phillips says ‘Shot through with shades of Wuthering Heights, passionate obsession is honestly dealt with in this novel. Czerkawska skilfully negotiates the love scenes, which are erotic but never pure erotica – they serve the purpose of the novel rather than being placed for titillation.’

A Quiet Afternoon in the Museum of Torture.  A trio of short stories reviewed at IEBR


Stained Glass – a trio of ghost stories

Quartz – a full length play about religion and magic, first produced at the Traverse Theatre

The Secret Commonwealth – a monologue about Robert Kirk, the minister of Aberfoyle who wrote a treatise about the fairies, first produced at Glasgow’s Oran Mor lunchtime theatre.

Burns on the Solway – a play about the last days of the poet’s life, down on the Solway coast.

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