Chris Longmuir

Chris Longmuir is a crime novelist as well as a short story and article writer. She is a member of the Society of Authors, the CWA (Crime Writers Association), the SAW (Scottish association of Writers) and is a founder member of Angus Writers Circle. She won the 2009 Dundee Book Prize with her novel Dead Wood.

Chris’s published ebooks are available in all epub formats (title links to Amazon UK)

Night Watcher is the story of two very different stalkers. Julie is a woman seeking vengeance, while The Watcher is a disturbed individual who has killed before. They are both fixated on Nicole, a ruthless woman obsessed with sex and power. When Nicole is murdered The Watcher turns his attentions to Julie. Meanwhile, Detective Sergeant Bill Murphy, who is investigating the murder, falls in love with Julie. But who is Julie? Is she a murderer, or is she a victim?

Night Watcher – Smashwords 

A Salt Splashed Cradle is a historical family saga set in a Scottish fishing village in the 1830s. It follows the relationships of Belle, her husband Jimmie, her daughter Sarah, her mother-in-law Annie and the rest of the Watt family. When Jimmie leaves for the Arctic on a whaler, Belle becomes involved with Lachlan, the Laird’s son. This leads to her being ostracised by the villagers, who regard her as a Jezebel who will tempt their men away. Throughout the book, Belle struggles with her feeling for both men. But how will it all end?

A Salt Splashed Cradle from Smashwords in other formats 

Ghost Train & Other Stories is a collection of horror stories, not meant for the faint-hearted.

What you won’t find in this book are zombies and vampires. Nor will you find anyone running around wielding a chainsaw, although there might be some knives and maybe a cleaver. Blood and gore is also missing, although I can’t guarantee you won’t stumble across some body parts.

You will find plenty to scare you in these stories unless, of course, you have become hardened to horror.  Ghost Train & Other Stories  Smashwords

Obsession & Other Stories is a collection of scary, dark, and gritty crime stories as well as a couple of gentler ones to soothe the nerves.
There are no zombies, were wolves or vampires in these stories, although I can’t guarantee you won’t come across any skeletons, when you walk on the dark side with me. Come along with me and I will introduce you to some scary people and after you’ve been in their minds and shared their thoughts, you’ll be glad of the light relief at the end.

Obsession & Other Stories Smashwords

Not available yet as an ebook Dead Wood – Paperback published by Polygon –

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Chris appears at the festival in Short Stories, (Aug 19)  Writers’ Pieces (Aug 14) and Auld Lums (Aug 13)

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