Dan Holloway

Dan Holloway is our Poet in Residence for the duration of the festival and will be bringing you, every night at 9pm a poem of his own, or from a personal selection, to take you into the long night.  Dan is an inspirational innovator as well as a damned fine writer and we are honoured to have him virtually engage with and challenge us every day at the festival! 

‘poetry’s easy. just spit your heart out through your lips.’ (Holloway) 

Dan  is happiest performing poetry which he has done in venues from Rough Trade in Brick Lane to Afflecks in Manchester. He writes a column on social media for writers for the print and electronic magazine Words With Jam, a column on how writers can improve the sound of their writing for the ezine Beyondaries, and occasionally writes reviews for PANK.

He also runs the Blog The Cynical Self-publisher, offering advice for self-publishers who want to steer clear of the hurly burly of marketing spam and focus on the kind of awkward, experimental writing that used to be the USP of self-publishing. He runs the literary project eight cuts gallery, the literary show The New Libertines, , his poetry and shorts have appeared in various compilations including Ash, Ferment, and Dissocia, and his novel The Company of Fellows was one of Blackwell’s staff picks of 2011.

His latest work Last Man Out Of Eden, is  a collection of poems about hope in the face of disappointment, with a lyrical confessional style that takes in equal amounts from Ferlinghetti, Tracey Emin, and Patti Smith’s Just Kids. These poems celebrate the healing powers of time, non-violence, and remembrance but above all carry a simple message: Celebrate the lives of those you love because one day they won’t be with you any longer and you’ll be left writing poetry about how you wish you’d loved them more.

Dan’s other ebooks are (life:) razorblades included, Black Heart High, Songs from the Other Side of the Wall, The Man Who Painted Agnieszka’s Shoes and Ode to Jouissance all available as ebooks – and pointing the way towards how this new medium can deliver new messages in new ways.


Dan’s Amazon Author Page 

Dan’s Web address link/s http://danholloway.wordpress.com;   http://eightcuts.com