Dennis Hamley

Dennis Hamley has been publishing for 50 years this month.  That’s enough to give him a ‘special’ place in this festival.  We have termed him the ‘father’ of indie publishing, not in the Tim Berners-Lee sense of the world ‘father’ but more in the ‘Father of the House’ sense! (He’s not the only septuagenarian featured epublishing at the festival, but we won’t dwell on that!)  Dennis scores the accolade of ‘father’ of the festival because of his longevity in publishing.   He has well over 60 conventionally published books to his credit (far too many to list here) and in the last six months he has epublished the out of print The Long Journey of Joslin de Lay series –all six volumes in six months! If that’s not enough, he also brought out an ebook collection of short stories with the intriguing title

Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick.  

The Long Journey of Joslin de Lay – Volumes 1-6

There is a special JOSLIN review page from August 21st   and we are going to launch a competition during the festival focussing on the Joslin Saga.  A chance for you to become a writer and review an ebook

To find out more about Joslin and how to buy the books (some are free during the festival!) go to the JOSLIN page.

Dennis’ Amazon Author Page 

Dennis appears at the festival in Writers’ Pieces (Aug 22nd) and is the focus of a special FEATURE across IEBR and the Festival site on Aug 21st to mark the six month anniversary of IEBR.