Peter Tarnofsky

Peter Tarnofsky.

Author, father, husband.

Born in London. Still in London.

Occasionally cooks but won’t iron.

Older than I look.

Studied Materials Science & Metallurgy at Cambridge University then forgot most of it. Had conventional jobs for ten years then decided to try something different.

Peter’s published ebooks to date are:

They All Die at the End (Short story collection) 

It’s not where they’re going, it’s how they’re going to get there.

“They All Die At The End” – a collection of ten short stories dealing with all major facets of modern urban dread, covering loss, alienation, violence, moral dilemma, tax evasion, shopkeeping, bad driving, crème brûlée and restringing a ukulele – amongst other things. They All Die at the End  closes the festival as one of the Editor’s  IMHO pick of THE THREE BEST EBOOKS I’VE READ THIS YEAR. 

Timestand Discovering you’re a time-freezing superhero isn’t supposed to be like this.

Sure, Tim can take revenge on the school bullies, thwart bank robberies and save falling window cleaners – but why is his best friend injured then abducted from hospital, what’s causing his father’s fainting fits, who is his unsettling new neighbour and why hasn’t anyone else noticed him?

On top of it all, violent storms are brewing, looking like the sky might crack open, and he hasn’t finished his trebuchet for the school fête.

Still, at least the dodo might be coming back and he’s found a book that might be useful, or would be if he could understand Greek.

When time stands still (properly standing still, not like double-Geography after lunch), normal rules don’t always apply.

Peter has also published

Benny Baker  One week to bake a loaf the size of a building…

When Benny started working for his uncle, he wasn’t expecting to be challenged to save the bakery itself.

A converted windmill, scuba diving and too much dough later, they might just make it if they can stop the birds eating the bread.

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Peter Tarnofsky also appears at the Festival in Writers Pieces (Aug 13)