Rosalie Warren

Rosalie Warren began writing fiction seriously six years ago when she took early retirement from her post as university lecturer in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Writing novels was something she had wanted to do since childhood, but in 2006 she realised that now, finally, she had the time and energy to do it. Her first novel, Charity’s Child, was published by the small independent publisher Circaidy Gregory Press in 2008.

This was followed by Low Tide, Lunan Bay, published by Robert Hale in 2009, after which Ros decided she would like to try writing for a younger audience. She was delighted when Phoenix Yard Books accepted Coping with Chloe, aimed at age 11+. This is the story of twelve-year-old Anna, who insists that her twin Chloe, who died in a tragic accident, is now living inside Anna’s head, sharing her body, helping her with her homework and so on. Things are OK for a while, until the gorgeous Joe appears. Joe is the only person, apart from Anna, who truly ‘believes’ in Chloe, and trouble follows when he has to choose between the two sisters. The rivalry between Anna in Chloe turns into something darker, forcing Anna into a struggle for her life and sanity.Ros is now working on a new series for Phoenix Yard, aimed at 7-9 year-olds, about the adventures of a young boy, Noel, and his robot, WIXI.This will be aimed in particular at reluctant readers. The books will contain lots of scientific facts as well as exciting stories,  and Ros will enjoy returning to one of her favourite subjects, robotics and AI. Ros has completed two further YA books, one of which, all being well, will be published next year and another which is still looking for a home (but she is hopeful). Meanwhile she continues to write for adults too, and is currently working on an SF novel which will explore some of the possible effects on society of our increasing reliance on computers and robots. It will have a female roboticist heroine and will explore some challenging philosophical conundrunms too. Look out for Lena’s Nest. Ros’s first venture into e-publishing came earlier this year when she brought out a new, revised edition of her first novel, Charity’s Child, as an e-book for Amazon Kindle (other formats will follow soon).Ros throughly enjoyed the process of e-publishing and publicising her book – so much so that she  is currently preparing another novel for adults, Alexa’s Song, for publication as an e-book. The aim is to launch it by means of an exciting competition with a difference – more news soon. Rosalie Warren confesses that she is one of those authors who wants to ‘try everything’ – the bane of an agent’s life. But she doesn’t care – she’s having fun and seems to be managing quite well without an agent, at least for the time being.As her alter ego Sheila Glasbey, she is a proofreader and copy-editor 

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Charity’s Child 

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Rosalie will be appearing at the festival in Writers Pieces (Aug 23) and Auld Lums (Aug 26)