Writers pieces

At 12.30 each day  you can join a featured ebook author for lunch. We asked twelve writers with a variety of experience in traditional publishing, who have made the ‘great leap forward’ into e-publishing, to share their thoughts with us, as if over a lunchtime chat.  We called these ‘pieces’ because in Scots a ‘piece’ is a sandwich. We didn’t ask them to tell us what was ‘in’ their pieces, just to share them with us. So I can’t tell you if you’re about to get jeelie or marmite, peanut butter or cheese.  But pull up a chair, get yer ain pieces oot yer piece box and have lunch with one of our featured writers.

Writers scheduled to appear are:  Jan Needle, Cally Phillips,  Peter Tarnofsky, Chris Longmuir, Bill Kirton, Catherine Czerkawska, Dennis Hamley, Roaslie Warren, Julia Jones, Rosemary Gemmell, Carol McKay and Linda Gillard.

Some of the writers will offer interactivity from live Facebook chats or twitterchats #edebookfest to YouTube Trailers. So make sure you check out the early bird programme alert each day!

This feature does not run between 17th and 21st August when its place will be taken by Conference Commentary.


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