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Reviewed here:  Bagpipes and Bullshots, Reaching for the Stars


When handsome Scottish Laird Innes Buchanan meets beautiful Texan cowgirl Orley McKenna and brings her over to his impoverished estate in Scotland, it’s for more than her expertise with cattle. But before their romance can properly begin, Orley has to contend with a run-down country mansion, a frosty Lady of the manor, and a vengeful ex-girlfriend who puts Lady Macbeth to the shade.

Bagpipes and Bullshot is a wonderful romp of a novel with many laugh-out-loud moments from an author who knows how to entertain the reader. With a hero and heroine to fall in love with, and a cast of `larger than life’ characters, Janice Horton has cleverly caught some of the unique differences between two cultures. The Dumfries and Galloway setting is brought vividly to life in the beautifully descriptive writing. Although this is a humorous novel, there is real background knowledge of the farming and cattle breeding concerns which lends authenticity to the story.  Highly recommended! Reviewed by Romy Gemmell

Nice to find a book set in the beautiful rural South West of Scotland. There’s a very handsome kilted hero – actually, there are two! – an appealing heroine, a suitably unpleasant villain, or in this case, villainess, and a engaging exploration of what it feels like to adjust to a completely new culture in an unfamiliar country – a good fun read with plenty of twists and turns on the way to a satisfying ending. Reviewed by Catherine Czerkawska

A real sense of humour underpins the action in this romantic novel. The characters of Innes and Orley are engaging and we have an immediate involvement in their story. The settings provide a colourful background to their romance – a light hearted read that is most enjoyable. Reviewed by  Myra Duffy

I enjoyed this book. It was lighthearted escapism but at the same time it had everything a reader might desire. There was the handsome laird, the younger brother, the American cowgirl, the upper crust mother with a nose worth looking down. Then there was the murderous ex girl friend, and a glamorous sister of the Dolly Parton type. Not forgetting of course, the long lost baronetcy. Mix this lot together and you have the recipe for an entertaining read. Reviewed by Chris Longmuir


After reading this successful follow up to Janice Horton’s first book, Bagpipes and Bullshots, you may never feel the same about eating in a restaurant again. Janice Horton combines romance, humour and authentic background details to give us a lively novel which engages the reader in the lives of some very intriguing characters. As soon as we come upon Finlay (Finn) McDuff we are made aware that being awarded the coveted third Michelin star for his restaurant doesn’t give him the satisfaction he craves as he realises just how much he has sacrificed in pursuit of his goal.

As we meet other characters such as Raine, the journalist with ambitions who falls for Finn and Anna who has a complex past history, the plot moves at a pace that keeps the reader turning the pages to find out what will happen next. Will Gina forgive her husband and return? Or will he find solace elsewhere? How will the sparky relationship between Raine and Ross develop? Will Finn’s plans for his future succeed?

The characters are well drawn, the settings obviously the outcome of serious research and this is exactly the kind of book to brighten a very dreary summer.The only downside is that we are very reluctant to say good bye to Finn at the end. Perhaps there’s a sequel planned?

Reviewed by Myra Duffy

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